Institute of Clinical Acupuncture Research and Education Foundation (ICARE)

The ICARE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission is to support acupuncturists in Hawaii through professional development, educational opportunities and clinical experience.



The mission of ICARE is to dedicate itself to the advancement of educational, clinical, and professional excellence, fostering funding for the development of competent and skillful acupuncture medicine practitioners with evidence-based medicine rooted in traditional theories and practices.

Our initiatives:

Maui Relief Effort – Providing free acupuncture services to Maui residents and first responders.

Seminars for Educational and Professional Development:

  1. Upcoming Seminars in 2024 – TBD
  2. Recent Seminar – August 19th & 20th, 2023 Treatment of Orthopedic & Sports Injuries with Dr. Whitfield Reaves, OMD, L.Ac.

Providing assistance to licensed acupuncturists and graduates to start a successful practice.